NYTimes op-ed scares public about farmers markets

But here’s a sentence you don’t see too often in the MSM:

Screen Shot 2016-01-16 at 10.28.51 PM

If you don’t want to get sick from the food you eat then buy from reputable suppliers, wash the food, wash your hands, store and cook it properly. That should do you most of the time.

Read the entire op-ed.

4 thoughts on “NYTimes op-ed scares public about farmers markets”

  1. I avoid the Amish grown food. They have no running water so they tend to always smell bad. They also have a reputation for fertilizing with ‘night dirt’ their fecal matter. The locals know this, people who buy their produce tend to be from the city.

    I do not have a real preference for organic. I will buy organic if the conventional is of poor quality (not ripe, bruised or overripe). There is perhaps more of a risk with organic of E coli due to manure based fertilizers. However if used prior to planting manure helps build the soil and should be okay.

  2. Oh no – Lions and tigers and bears oh my! Newspapers are better used for removing dog poop from PARKS – The “writers” are paid by whom? May I guess the Food Industry “lobby” ?

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