NYTimes: A Canadian Threat to Alaskan Fishing

Canadian mines supposedly harming Alaskan salmon fishing. Hard to tell without any facts, though.

Vague terms (e.g., “toxin”). No mention of specific “toxin” level. No specific description of harms caused. Keep in mind that after the EPA’s Colorado mine spill disaster, EPA said there would be no long-term adverse effects. How then is any of this different from what happened in Colorado. is this just anti-mining enviros trying to control the Canadian industry via the State Department?

A commercial fisherman writes in the NYTimes:

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 9.58.53 AM

One thought on “NYTimes: A Canadian Threat to Alaskan Fishing”

  1. Fact:
    This man is just one of millions to move to Alaska from crowded cities.

    I submit that it’s just a case of over fishing the salmon. Increasing numbers of people = less salmon per person.
    Sometimes the answers are just too easy, too logical.

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