New UK guidelines: Drinking any alcohol regularly is risky


There is no scientific evidence that “any” level of alcohol consumption increases cancer risk.

If liver cancer is associated with alcohol intake, it is with chronic excessive alcohol intake… meaning that you’re likely to have other serious health problems first.

The AP reports:

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4 thoughts on “New UK guidelines: Drinking any alcohol regularly is risky”

  1. Alcoholism and other addictions seem to be induced in the public from the stress of living under tyrannical governments, like the old USSR.

  2. I never had al alcoholic drink until I was 14, so it took me a few years to catch up to all those alcohol free days. Once I die, I won’t be drinking either, can I average it out?

  3. Please do not judge us Brits by the stupidity of official pronouncements made, allegedly , in our name. Most of us are normal humans with the same capacity for detecting B.S. as our friend on the other side of the pond.

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