4 thoughts on “New Mann-made global warming study is ‘scientifically valueless paper’”

  1. I’m glad I write my blog for fun and don’t feel compelled to review the meaningless bs that Mann comes out with, because these days I totally ignore anything written by Mann.

    However, it is always good to know I’m right to ignore the twerp.

  2. It would be nice if the warmests and environmentalists whackos would own Al Gore, and start real research that could let the renewable energy developers set a proper lead-time to come up with renewable energy that is cost efficient, and without killing birds, fish, and landscape… that will work 24-7-365, and perhaps develop ground and air transportation renewable energy; not requiring the devastation on jobs and the economy, and that might take about 50-100 years, we don’t know. but the devastation that lack of planning over the actual amount that man actually contributes to the “climate change” global warming BS is beyond sanity … and should be classified as a crime against society and mankind…

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