9 thoughts on “New climate activists schtick: Tattoo yourself with birth year CO2 level”

  1. I was thinking of getting one of those tats. Then I got out of the shower and looked into the mirror and thought ….Why would put a bumper sticker on this vintage Ferrari?

  2. I am tremendous excited and in favor of the CAGW crowd getting themselves tattooed. Since none of them will be willing to admit their stupidity after this farce dies down, the tattoos will make it far easier for any potential mates to realize the danger of producing babies with such people.

  3. Or perhaps Einstein’s complete derivation of the equations of general relativity?

    Or the satellite temperature graph for the last two decades?

    Or the temperature – CO2 graph for the last 500 million years?

    Or all erroneous forecasts by climate maniacs since 1970? (this however would not fit on a normal body).

  4. If I ever get a tattoo, it would be something like Boltzmann’s Epitaph (S = k log W), or the Schroedinger Wave Equation.

  5. Instead of using trendy fads, why don’t you find some real proof of any problem and tattoo that on your self – would mean much more to be a positive human than a sheeple! (IMHO)

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