3 thoughts on “In Climate Move, Obama to Halt New Coal Mining Leases on Public Lands”

  1. This serves 2 purposes for Obama. Of course it satisfies his “green” agenda. But since the most coal is mined from Wyoming, Montana and W Virginia, it is a way to strike back at these more conservative states and destroy them.

  2. Oh well, he has singled them out from the get-go, and has caused the devastation of hundreds of thousands (being very conservative), of jobs and coal fired plants this is a major issue for someone who when running for office in 08 told American that with our technology we will develop “clean coal”… knowing he was going to put miners out of work and coal out of jobs, while sending billions overseas to develop their coal and oil. He is succeeding in his complete devastation of the nation, socially, morally, economically, and defense. He has done a good job for his UN ambitions.

  3. Okay, a question — After the environmentalists and the federal government have shut down coal mining, who will be remaining to pay the taxes that are needed to provide for the support of our governments and furthermore, without affordable energy, just how, exactly will the taxpayers earn the money with which to pay taxes. Hmmmm.

    Money is a proxy for energy: No energy, no money except for the magic counterfeit money that The Federal Reserve magically conjures out of their magic hole in the air. Oh, yeah. There is China. Do you reckon the Chinese politboro will willingly pay for our politboro?

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