4 thoughts on “Experts Can’t Confirm Current Ocean Acidification Damage”

  1. I dont believe a damn thing from our government nor from any agency that takes money from said government. Nothing but a bunch of liars and waste of taxpayer dollars. But, we the people, deserve it for nothing doing a damn thing about it.

  2. These science professionals often seem as if they are the perfect example of “panic attacks” – anxiety, Doom and Gloom, candidates for “Xanax”. Coral reef world wide has bee reduced by how much 1970-2015? We need more tourist attractions with wet suits for us seals to explore the replacements to natures coral reef. We could stand in line, with our munchkins, like packed sardines, then swim in circles, circles and never think of the taxes we paid at the door. Silly me….

  3. easy to debunk the OA meme.

    the coral at bikini atoll was vaporized at 50,000 degrees from nuclear bomb testing back in the early 1950s, three islands were wiped off the face of the earth.

    Today the coral at bikini atoll is in pristine condition and growing like a forest.

    Where man does not go and pollute the waters and strip the coral it thrives.

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