5 thoughts on “Wow… NYTimes columnist Brooks likens GOP to ‘Soviet dictatorship’ for skepticism”

  1. “I’ve been confused…”?????
    Obviously. The GOP didn’t exist when Hamilton was alive.
    AND why would Hamilton, a big federal government advocate, be a “hero” to a Brooks – a so called “conservative”?

  2. The K. I. S. S. principle, when followed diligently, certainly simplifies proselytizing to the gullible many.

  3. Mr. Brooks like most on the left, is simply delusional about climate change. He/they are so committed to AGW that backing down now would be the equivalent to committing suicide. As it is they will go through life mesmerized by a falsehood.

  4. You don’t have to be crazy to be a Warmist, but it makes Warmism far more amusing to us rational beings if you are.
    A very common trait of Warmists (and progressives, and Liberals) seems to be ‘projection’ – the act of accusing your opponents of exactly what your OWN side is doing.
    I don’t recall any of the so-called deniers calling for censorship (and worse) of the Warmists, so who is actually behaving like a dictatorship?

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