4 thoughts on “War gaming the climate: How global warming could trigger nationalism”

  1. The global warming scam is intended to eliminate nationalism by surrendering the integrity of national governments to the united nations.

  2. National governments were established by the people to protect their right to enjoy life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

    The UN was not established by the people but by frightened world leaders who decided to save themselves and the public from possible nuclear annihilation by hiding the source of energy in cores of heavy atoms, some planets, ordinary stars and galaxies from the public.

  3. Oliver K. Manuel, is absolutely correct. It is designed by the UN decades ago. It is a scam, or hoax. it was designed into the implementation of the Agenda 21 (sustainable development). Sustainable development is to ensure equality to the underdeveloped and developing nations by un-developing the major developed nations, like the US, Russia, the EU. The aim at the North American Union, (Which is what the present administration is now hinting at), will join the rest in a world socialist union. Our sovereignty and constitution will be subject to UN override, when dealing with the North American Union in relation to the global or world socialist union. People need to seriously study the history and development of intent with the sustainable development ideology of the UN, where it is made manifest in the Agenda 21.
    The Global Warming i.e., “Climate Change” is one of the main instruments used in implementation of the Agenda. sustainability is designed to enter into every aspect of our lives. Population control, usable land control, private land ownership, sustainable human dwelling development, urban and rural living development, food, clothing; every aspect of our lives will be effected, and controlled by first our local governments, state, and then national in accordance with the global authority. The only part that is not sustainable is money, there will be no or very little revenue for the authorities to sustain themselves.

  4. It has been said that “Sports don’t build character; they reveal it.”
    The sport of ‘wargaming’ is no exception.
    When people (and governments) are feeling confident they get expansive and inclusive. When they feel threatened they get defensive and exclusive.
    If the threat is external the response is nationalism. If the threat is internal the response is revolution.
    The ‘threat’ in global warming is not the presumed impact of the heat on the environment, it is the actual impact of the autocracy on the populace.

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