7 thoughts on “WaPo: ‘Scientists keep rallying around NOAA chief in climate feud’”

  1. Tsk. Here they are, claiming that anthropogenic atmospheric carbon dioxide is causing catastrophically adverse global climate warming, and they’re bitching about “a chilling effect.”

    Whassamatta, boys ‘n girls? Afraid that somebody’s going to AUDIT your taxpayer-funded work and discover you’ve been lying in your funding grant applications as well as your reports?

    Which is (as we were taught in grad school) the perpetration of FRAUD, an offense for which you’re both criminally and civilly liable.

  2. I suppose these are the same people that try to silence anyone who dares to disagree with their stand on climate change. Isn’t that somewhat chilling?

  3. Thanks to coincidence, the truth has already leaked past the gatekeepers of official knowledge. One Member of Parliament, Roger Helmer, responded with an open letter to a scientist who had tried to insult the intelligence of anyone who expressed doubts of AGW dogma.

  4. How any of these so called scientists can protest in the face of reality is beyond belief – yet they do and further more the journalists are letting them get away with it – thank goodness for the ‘Davids’ among us who are slowly but surely winning the cause for transparency , truth and real fact

  5. Garbage WaPo. All Lamar Smith wants is disclose of the methods used by NOAA to adjust temperatures. And why are biologists and chemist given climate science standing. What about engineers? And others, of course.

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