WaPo calls for global end to fossil fuel subsidies… fine but…

… don’t expect that to reduce CO2 emissions.

The WaPo editorializes:

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In poor countries, where the vast majority of these subsidies exist, there is no substitute for transportation fuels. People who need subsidized gasoline could hardly be expected to swap their vehicles for electrically-powered oes, even of there places to charge them.

Also, the people in these countries are so poor that fossil fuels need subsidies, so imagine the subsidies that would be necessary for far more expensive wind and solar power.

People aren’t running away from fossil fuels toward solar and wind for a reason — the later are much more expensive, even if they were convenient and available, which they’re not.

2 thoughts on “WaPo calls for global end to fossil fuel subsidies… fine but…”

  1. The fossil fuel industry is not subsidized. They are taxed on the worth of their land and as they remove the oil and sell it the land is worth less so they get a reduction in their taxes.

    Letting you keep your own money is not a subsidy.

    A subsidy is when the government gives you other peoples money. A good example would be the renewable energy industry. They get a good deal of other peoples money and give you nothing for it.

  2. Renewable fuel has not proven itself “sustainable” on the scale needed to power the US let alone the world. it is, thus far, too expensive in its “under development” hit and miss actuality. more money should have went into Obama’s lie while campaigning for office the first time around. “With the advancement in technology, there is no reason that we cannot burn clean coal”. but of course that was when he was campaigning for office, and its okay to lie… Renewable fuels, simply need to be developed, before cutting off the only means that the US and the world operate. Nonetheless, for those who are not addicted to the global citizenry and redistribution of wealth globally — cool-aid, know that there is a natural process that is causing the slow and natural warming, we also know that mankind needs to take care of the planet, and our atmosphere … however, the global economy, and national security are far more urgently in need of fixing than the projected 2.50 degree F., rise in the earths temperature by 2030-50, which is based on “secrete science”, (cooked science models and patterns). but like the activists who said the spotted owl, and the snail darter, the desert tortoise, the wolf, and many other lies, and unproven issues, shut down the timber industry and good management of our national forest. Nature has a way to do what is necessary to check and balance itself. Man has an obligation of stewardship without creating larger issues, such as we have now.

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