Putting the big chill on climate change research

As there is no such thing as “climate science,” I have no problem with Rep. Lamar Smith quashing what constitutes today’s “climate research.”

MySanAntonio.com reports:

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 12.00.25 PM

Climate research’s non-falsifiable hypotheses render all of it junk. Away with it.

3 thoughts on “Putting the big chill on climate change research”

  1. One of the things that continually annoys me about these liars is their persistent claim that the 18.75-year flat trend “begins in 1998” and is therefore cherry-picked.

    Anyone who can’t accurately count backwards eighteen years and nine months from November 2015 deserves all the ridicule and spittle that we can muster to heap upon them.

  2. Good post, but we still battle the established RINOs and the big dollar money pledged from Wall Street, and the administration bulldozing for the global warming (Climate) aspect of the Agenda 21, and the yet finalization of the Agenda 2030. None of it will happen without it connecting to climate sustainability. That includes Obama’s skilled constant 7 plus years of debt acceleration and social division push, which enables him to move our nation into a socialist republic, into a American Union taking in Canada and Mexico with no borders. The new Socialist North American Union will join the Global Socialist Union or Pact. Thus Allowing the UN to control our de-developed nation without a constitution, and all in a effort for the UN to evolve into a one government situation. (Of course this is my studied opinion, based on what is taking place, has taken place for 50-60 years and very noticeable over the past 7 plus years of the Obama administration. right now our most immediate national security threat is ISIS, followed closely by the manufactured hoax of global warming)….

  3. Why isn’t it obvious to everyone that the idea of measuring the temperature of the earth is itself bunkum? How can there even be such a different of opinion between whether or not the earth has been warming for some 18 years? How can you possibly assign one number to the temperature of the earth for a whole year?

    Yes indeed, “Climate research’s non-falsifiable hypotheses render all of it junk. Away with it.” And these “warmers” are willing to destroy the economies of nations of the world on non-provable junk.

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