3 thoughts on “Paris climate talks: Greens want muzzle on ‘climate deniers’”


    We must all try to limit the use of non-renewables, but that does nor excuse international deceit of the public for the past seventy years (1945-2015):

    Precise experimental observations and data in this manuscript lead us to two inescapable conclusions:


    1. The Sun is the Creator & Sustainer of every atom, life and planet in the solar system.

    2. Fear of nuclear annihilation forced leaders of warring nations to stop the science revolution by
    _ a.) Uniting nations in 1945 and
    _ b.) Hiding energy in cores of heavy atoms, stars, galaxies in 1946
    – – – – – – – –

    Copernicus had started the scientific revolution in 1543, reporting the Sun is a fountain of energy at the solar system’s gravitational center.

    Einstein demonstrated advantages of rigorous scientific honesty in 1905, showing mass (m) is stored energy (E), E = mc^2

    Niels Bohr reported the structure of atoms is like that of the solar system in 1913, with negatively charged electrons orbiting the more massive and positively charged protons, as planets orbit the Sun.

    Aston measured exact masses (m) of different types of atoms and reported in his 1922 Nobel Lecture that atomic masses offer humanity, “powers beyond the dreams of scientific fiction,”

    Powers first used in 1945 to destroy Hiroshima and Nagasaki,

    Convincing leaders of warring nations (Comrades and Capitalists) to unite, working secretly together to stop the scientific revolution: Better Red Than Dead!”

    – – – – – – – –
    ResearchGate allowed thousands of its members to read the above information world leaders had hidden from the public in 1946 and only locked my account immediately before the COP-21 Conference opened.

    After COP-21 publicly exposed the seventy-year web of international deceit; The Science Revolution Must Now Continue!

  2. They have nothing so they have to try to silence the people who understand the science and scream about the religion of climate alarmism, us supposed denialist’s. Keep up the good fight, we will win this eventually since they are out of ammo and even joe sixpack is noticing.

  3. In the past I have supported this organization in its efforts world wide to help gay peoples common rights – to school all children and to stop slavery ‘BUT’ this is a joke – so far I have not heard one genuine fact being promulgated by these warmists – Its all this 97% of scientists……or its a settled science………or countries will disappear with the rising sea levels – yet the 97% claim has well and truly been debunked, the climate models have been so far from reality as to be just a nonsense and sea level rise has been constantly reliable in its minimal increase for well over 200 years – so obviously these idiot people will be truly afraid of anyone who comes up with the real facts that this whole charade is just a load of politically correct bovine excreta – and this while the world has got plenty of ‘real’ problems to be solved!

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