4 thoughts on “NYTimes reports living under anti-capitalist Naomi Klein would be like Mad Max ‘brought to real life’”

  1. We all like to blend in with good intentions now a days, and the road to hell is paved with “good” intentions

    “However much you tinker with the world, you can’t make a good job of it, but by cutting off a hundred million heads and so lightening one’s burden, one can jump over the ditch of transforming society more safely…” Dostoevsky

    (Oh Com’on now, there is no need to cry, “cutting off a hundred million heads” is a metaphor penned in 1872, when great evils existed. At the same time he could be serious. I just can’t find Dostoevsky topics anymore here at Junk Science.)

  2. No, we don’t need McCarthyism back. We need to begin purging these radical marxist leftists once and for all and I don’t mean simply throwing them out of office. I mean going after them personally and putting them six feet under. The only good leftist is a dead one. They have savaged our country with their insane and ludicrous policies and people just sit back, smile, grin and bear it watching them dismantle the great things this country has created. No, the time for being a bench warmer are over. They have go to go for good and make their ideology extinct. This world needs a serious purge of these people.

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