5 thoughts on “More food poisoning at Chipotle”

  1. Just to be fair, nothing tastes better than a backyard grown and vine-ripened tomato, though.
    But thanks to the agricultural advancements, I can buy a tastey tomato in the store year round. I avoid all organic vegetables because I think it’s a scam and even worse for the environment because it takes more resources and land to produce the same yield. I want some pristine land that doesn’t get converted to farmland.

  2. I was very disappointed in Chipotle in getting rid of those delicious GMO tomatoes. At least I think they’re GMO because they don’t taste like cardboard like organic tomatoes. The salsa is kinda bland since the Anti-GMO Chipotle mass-marketing campaign.

    Now that they’re serving up food borne illnesses, I’m going to avoid that anti-science establishment for now.

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