4 thoughts on “Meet Kaitlyn Buss: Victim of Millennial Climate Derangement Syndrome”

  1. Wow, she goes from opinion “Almost every poll shows younger voters believe some degree of climate change is taking place, and that human activity significantly contributes to its severity. A majority of all Americans believe that as well” to the Republican argument “And much of the science proves that human activity is having some effect, however small, on the environment” without breaking a sweat!

  2. Sheer ignorance of a subject breeds bias. This reporter obviously does not have a science degree and what little science background she has is grounded firmly in her journalistic degree. In other words, she has no science background and no sense of what the scientific process encompasses. A very dangerous position to put someone in and even more dangerous for those who read her article and base their own opinions on what she has written.

  3. Since Conservative “thought” in the first place, we knew the lies when we heard them.
    And we saw through the double talk.
    And we found sources for truth.

    Maybe the DNC should stop and think, before they melt from their own hot air.

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