2 thoughts on “Martin Luther King III: EPA CO2 rules will help ‘communities of color’”

  1. You’ve got to give the Democrats credit, they really know how to keep the leadership of their constituencies in line with respect to talking points. African Americans will reliably vote for Democrats 90% of the time. Meanwhile their kids go to substandard schools that are run to insure the success of the teachers and their powerful teacher’s union. The welfare systems rewards single parenthood that is one of the most reliable predictors of poverty and problems for kids raised in these situations. Now windmills and solar panels (mostly installed in remote areas, not cities) is supposed to provide jobs? Even with public transit in places like Los Angeles, the bus routes used by poor people in south LA suffered cut backs so that trains and subways could be built to connect rich suburbs to business districts. And the media wonders why a movement like “Black Lives Matter” started and targeted Democratic candidates first.

  2. That is a strange rant from a strange dude for whom “reality” has always seemed to be an illusive concept. If there was ever an instance where the word “confabulation” could be the best description, this is it.

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