14 thoughts on “DiCaprio: ‘I love money’, but capitalism has to go”

  1. “A major source of objection to a free economy is precisely that … it gives people what they want instead of what a particular group thinks they ought to want. Underlying most arguments against the free market is a lack of belief in freedom itself.”
    – Milton Friedman

  2. “I love money, but capitalism has to go” says DiCaprio preaching from the pulpit of extreme wealth.

    The idiot has absolutely no idea about how capitalism has advanced the world for the better. The idiot is simply ignorant.

  3. ‘Artists’ are the ultimate capitalists. They use their ‘capital’- time that they have in excess of the that need for mere existence- to create a product that is mass produced to be sold millions and millions of times. For an ‘artist’ like DiCaprio, the profit margins are enormous. What a hypocrite.

  4. Let’s just say, for arguments sake, oil is the problem stupid thinks it is. Why is the answer the destruction of the entire system? What then? Totalitarianism? An oligarchy? Communism? Wait, Naomi Klein is a Marxist! So if DunceCaprio was chatting with Mao’s girlfriend that must be what he’s implying the fix is. Okay we got that cleared up. Or maybe a Monarchy where Leo can be King? King Stupid!

  5. Sell four of your five houses, stop polluting the world with your useless coast to coast flights and your super yacht super bowl parties, live somewhat like a normal person and then tell us what you think of capitalism.

  6. Leonardo’s next reviewer should ask : “How many trees have you planted with your money?”
    or “How have you advocated for nuclear power?” or “Have you given up driving or flying?” or “Do you live in a small easy to heat and to air-condition house?” These questions should be thrown at any rich liberal, righteous and full of pride at their advanced opinions.

  7. He should’ve added, “just let me keep one of the biggest CO2 yatchts in the world and my private jet, not to mention the island I’m invested in that will take tons of CO2 emissions just to get to”. Another STUPID hypocritical warmietard.

  8. He could start by giving up the private jet, the mansion that consumes the power of a small town, and renting a yacht from an oil sheik. What a hypocrite! Typical Liberal… it is good for you little people, but not for me.

  9. Reagan said it during his ’87 speech in Berlin (Tear down this wall) about the protesters ranting: If they ever get the government they advocate, they couldn’t do what they are doing.

    Capitalism has it’s problems, but it does create wealth. So far, nothing else comes close. Churchill summed it up well: Capitalism distributes the wealth unevenly. Socialism distributes the misery to everyone. (Except the people at the top, they always seem to do a little better. Orwell made that point in Animal Farm)

  10. What an IDIOT!!! It’s NOT capitalism that locked us into an addiction to oil… it’s wanting to be warm, be able to see when the sun goes down and not have to ride a horse! Not to mention the 6,000+++ things derived from oil, such as many pharmaceuticals and plastic. Yeah, that’s right, find something that’s not made from plastic.

    Leave it to a spoiled, ignorant and already wealthy brat to rail against capitalism, the very thing that made him wealthy and comfortable in the first place. “I got my piece of the pie, to hell with everyone else.”

    It’s ignoramuses like this brainwashed communist who always get the spotlight and, unless common sense speaks up, and speaks up loudly, we’re all screwed! Mark my words.

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