2 thoughts on “Delingpole: Paris climate talks doomed because China knows global warming is a hoax”

  1. China Knows that the ”global warming is scam” – leading Warmist know that ”global warming is scam” reason the call it ”climate change” because even migrating birds know that climate is constantly changing. Te only true believers in the PHONY GLOBAL WARMING, are the ”climate skeptics” they are all back to front… Watermist gave them that label, and they are so proud of it… b] garden earthworm knows that: in the desert is bad climate, because of not enough H2O, for the ”climate sceptics” the desert must have better climate than rainforest, because in desert is less CO2… (I wish I knew what’s the IQ of an earthworm) Watch those ”climate sceptics” are blaming everybody else, but themselves… Join the circus!!!

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