2 thoughts on “2016 omnibus spending bill wipes out Obama global warming adviser position”

  1. I surmise that the presence of the Director of the WH Office of Health Reform on this list means that Congress believes that Obamacare doesn’t need ‘fixing.’

  2. This is futile. Nothing is going to stop Obama from his ridiculous climate legacy work other than impeachment and removal. We still have months for him to continue to seriously hurt the US culture and economy. Then again, all the culture wars and liberal academicians have put a big dent in our future. Trump is clearly not the answer. He often says what’s needed to be said, but then his mouth gets out of gear with his brain and we have equally ridiculous statements.
    I am 73 and care less and less. That’s the only comfort I can see in old age. That and the grandkids. I fear for their future.

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