3 thoughts on “Video: Paris climate thug blown away (literally) by police”

  1. Correction to previous correction: looking further, the group blown away by police is even worse than the usual watermelons attending such meetings. They are just plain, vulgar commies:

    “L’unica soluzione per risolvere questo problema è la fine del sistema capitalista e produttivista, non un summit in una zona militarizzata.”

    “Questo problema” is global warming. Here’s their web site:


    The poster at the bottom has these words:

    “States, diplomats, industrialists, bankers / regarding climate as everything else / are not a solution. They are the problem. Let’s unite to create a world without them.”

    I hoped there would be some conspicuous opposition by somebody reasonable. Instead, the scoundrels have met their betters.

  2. Correction: the individuals blown away are the members of the group “Anticop21” whom the source describes as rabble rousers, anarchists, and violent. Massive verbiage is used to point out how minuscule and insignificant the group was, compared to the massive and peaceful crowd of supporters. The protesters are accused of attacking law enforcement.

    The source quotes the message of the anti-group which is based on word play: State of emergency = Emergency State, or Police State.

    In other words, freedom of speech in action.

  3. I have always believed and often call upon congress to get us the @#^&$** out of the UN, and for sure get the UN out of the US… and the longer we wait, the more hurt the UN/Obama pact will inflict on the citizens of the US, and the Constitution.

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