7 thoughts on “Prince Charles: Human race cannot survive global warming”

  1. Charles was so masterful. We are so lucky to have such a king in waiting.

    Charles wisdom is legendary, he shall lead us to cheap or even free abundant energy.

    Hail the future king. With his knowledge none of us need think, just believe

  2. No wonder the queen is still living – she doesn’t want this blithering idiot to inherit the throne.

  3. Would the trillion dollars per year still even exist without the use of fossil fuels to power the economic endeavors that produce the money? Oh, I keep forgetting. To lunkheads like Charles, Obama and John Kerry, all that is needed is for the central banksters to conjure the necessary money out of their magic holes in the air. Pathetic in the extreme.

  4. “conjure the necessary money out of their magic holes”

    Cant see charlie conjuring the necessary money out of his magic holes !!

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