5 thoughts on “Prince Charles: $90 trillion of spending needed over next 15 years to even have hope of avoiding 2C of warming”


    Are we now witnessing the results of seventy years (1945-2015) of deceit in a futile effort to stop the spread of nuclear weapons.

    1. Unreported events in Konan, Korea during a news blackout in Aug-Sept. 1945:


    2. Failed efforts by frightened leaders of nuclear nations (which increased from 3 in 1945 to ~15 in 2015) to hide the fact that the energy in atomic bombs and is the same energy that triggers natural solar eruptions and might trigger a rash of worldwide nuclear retaliations:


    I regret that I was unable to get this message to the public before ResearchGate.

    With kind regards,
    ~Oliver K. Manuel
    PhD Nuclear Chemistry
    Postdoc Space Physics
    Fulbright, Astrophysics
    Former NASA Principal
    Investigator for Apollo

  2. You can bet Charlie wont be spending any of his wealth !!
    Charlie Chump comes across as an idiot, but is very astute,
    He generates a lot of ‘green energy’ on his estates…..& picks up a huge amount of subsidy’s….paid for by ‘green taxes on poor peoples bills.
    So who’s the idiot ??

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