4 thoughts on “Predetermined: 2016 already ‘hottest of all time’”

  1. Fire them! We don’t want it that hot – we don’t like their extortion practices! Get a better team on the job for nice & cool temperatures, just enough rain and a cancellation of the El Nino (who ordered that one anyway??).

  2. Republicans control Congress. They should cut funding to the UN (WMO is part of UN). AND They should establish an official US government world temperature using UAH, RSS, and Radiosonde data.

  3. If you want to prevent next year from being the hottest ever, vote Republican. NOAA will be forced to use actual measured temperatures when the rats are smoked out of the woodwork.

  4. Easy claim to make when you’re in charge of manipulating temperature data. I scoff at
    their claims of expertise.

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