Obama war on coal hits West Virginia’s poor

Obama’s war on coal has pushed utilities away from coal even though it is still competitively priced against gas.

This has reduced severance tax and other revenues. Natural gas production (which there is too much of) is not filling the void.

The West Virginia Gazette reports:

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2 thoughts on “Obama war on coal hits West Virginia’s poor”

  1. This is so delicious. The WV Gazette is such a left-wing rag that worships at the feet of Obama and all Democrats. Now, here they are with two of their beloved special interest groups, the Watermelons and the unions, standing in each others’ faces and they have no idea how to spin it. They can’t raise taxes because the few that actually are working in WV are already taxed to the hilt (they’re the Evil Rich, after all) and they can’t allow entrepeneurship or encourage business to locate there (we have to preserve the unions, after all, The Man can’t make any money!), so there is no revenue to be had. So, they’re forced into genuine budget cuts (not just cuts int eh rate of budget growth) because, as Lady Thatcher predicted, they have run out of other people’s money. LOL.

    BTW–the WV Gazette recently reaffirmed their war on Right-to- Work legislation. ROFLMAO.

  2. Obama’s war on coal is also an attack on Wyoming for not voting for him and on Montana for swinging to the right.

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