9 thoughts on “Maurice Strong dies — architect of UN’s left wing radical environmentalism”

  1. The UN Paris Climate Conference next week would have concluded Maurice’s plan to use the UN to rule the world by hiding reality: The Sun is the Creator & Sustainer of every atom, life and planet in the solar system.


    Unreported events in Konan, Korea in AUG-SEPT 1945 changed the course of world history, shortened the USSR’s name and expanded its boarders on 24 OCT 1945.


  2. We each have a different role to play on the stage of life. Maurice Strong played his role well.

  3. The legacy of Maurice Strong (along with that of his disciples/apostles) can be clearly seen behind the punitive electricity and water bills of consumers transformed into Sinners by preachers of Sustainable Development’s social gospel.

    Ontario Legislature – Appointments Review Committee, December 9, 1992 – Maurice Strong:
    “Energy conservation efforts have to be concerted and consistent if they are going to have any real effect. Efficient use of electricity not only reduces polluting emissions but will improve this province’s industrial competitiveness by reducing energy bills.”
    “In the meantime, I believe that Hydro should pursue vigorously the expanding opportunities I see for
    cooperation and for partnership for the private sector. Non-utility generation is a case in point.”

    US-EPA (May 1996) – Environmental Accounting Case Studies: Full Cost Accounting for Decision Making at Ontario Hydro:
    See section 4.1 – Commitment to Sustainable Development

  4. Remembering vaguely his food for fuel scam and hoping he is experiencing a warming place for all the harm he has caused humanity and the environment.

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