6 thoughts on “Massachusetts AG: Electricity rationing, not natural gas, is path forward on grid reliability”

  1. Listen for me when the next Carrington-scale CME happens – I’ll be the one laughing loudest from the irony as the ‘electric reliability’ crumbles under the weight of unreliable solar and wind generators.

  2. Why is the Attorney General commissioning such a report? What does energy and energy reliability have to do with the law in her state? Who did she hire for the report? Are they related/involved?

  3. I left Mass. 50 yrs ago because of people (barely) like this. It’s apparently gotten much, much worse. Complete idiots are in charge. Totally corrupt ones were in the past – maybe still?

  4. Oh, it looks like the old and poor of Massachusetts will share a similar fate of those in England in the winter, they can freeze to death. Oh, wait, isn’t that what they want, to thin down the excess population? Yes. of course it is, except the enablers of this position do not yet realize, they are part of the population to be culled in the name of Gaia.

  5. isn’t this what its all about – rationing except for the elite. They will still get theirs. Look at California, water rationing except that the Holly wood elite still had their green lawns. Some pigs are more equal than others.

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