3 thoughts on “Industry joins global warming lawsuit filed by ‘kids’ (aka James Hansen)”

  1. Well said tomwys – The fact that this idiot was able to climb the ranks to get his ultimate place at NASA is unbelievable. Photosynthesis is a basic fundamental of life – how this idiot can make such ridiculous statements about CO2 is beyond belief and surely it has to be a warning bell to all US citizens (not to mention all of us other Earthlings) about all those others in positions of authority in the US that also have weird understandings of just what makes our planet work.

  2. This is time to celebrate, for in the absence of intervention, the Obama administration likely would have “rolled over” and allowed Hansen to “win.”

    The hubris of McKibben and Hansen’s “GeoEngineering” the planet (by attempting to remove CO2!) is stunning, as he desires to put all plant life & the rest of us at risk of extinction.

    The fact that idiots have the ear of politicians is frightening!!!

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