2 thoughts on “Wow… Chinese government made an English music video about its latest 5-year plan”

  1. Whew- that takes a load off my mind. Here I was so worried about China overpowering the US but now I can see from this video that their MSM/ propagandists are just as culturally debased as the Lefties that control our media. Amazing what contempt they all have for the rest of humanity. Talk to us like little children about how they know what’s best for the world. Remember what they say about the best laid plans of mice and men.

  2. Dear Steve Milloy,
    How do we educate the public @ large when so many are stuck in a rut? TV brain washes us. Chinese tend not to be over weight. Happy Meals advertising 3-7 yr olds AND the food-beverage industry ads on PARTY UP teens JUST DON’T GER CAUGHT. CRAZY making system out there. FDA EPA disease control …. I DID NOT ALREADY SAY THIS ! Kate Keesler GRRRRR doom and gloom

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