New York Times embraces WHO report classifying meat as cancer-causing

Even though the report explaining the decision has not been published or reviewed.

Here is a particular;y irksome excerpt from the New York Times editorial.

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 8.28.37 AM copy

Epidemiologic studies never provide a causal link. They can only provide statistical correlations. If you don’t believe me believe what EPA told a federal court:

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 8.35.31 AM copy

Finally, the comparison of meat (which doesn’t cause cancer) to smoking and asbestos is beyond over the top.

3 thoughts on “New York Times embraces WHO report classifying meat as cancer-causing”

  1. I wish to make a strong objection to the highlighted statement. Epidemiological and other ‘studies’ more often than not merely provide cruse data that is filtered, culled, massaged, and reinterpreted to produce alleged ‘statistics’ that are then stretched, compressed, and hand-picked and reworded to imply the existence of a relationship that may then itself be warped to justify a call for ‘further research’ in the absence of a competent methodological analysis.
    Science itself is grateful for the likes of Steve Milloy.

  2. The U.N., in the person of a communist bureaucrat and fossil-fuel billionaire named Strong, invented the climate scam because the pompous, squawking inadequates and misfits who populate its marble halls have long fancied themselves as Kommissars in the most exclusive club in the world – the Politburo of a global bureaucratic-centralist government.

    They gave the game away in 2009 when, on Sept. 15, they published on an obscure U.N. website the draft climate treaty that, they hoped, would be triumphantly signed at the annual international climate yabbadabbathon at Copenhagen.

    The draft, at Paragraphs 36 and 38 of Annex 1, explicitly mentioned that a global “government” would be established, with overriding powers of taxation, regulation and enforcement. This power of the Klimate Kommissars to compel independent-minded nations to do as they were told was delicately described in the treaty draft as a “facilitative mechanism.”

    A 2 percent tax on every financial transaction worldwide was to be levied. Rich nations would be ordered to contribute a further 2 percent of GDP each.

    And would this world “government” be elected? Did the words “ballot” or “vote” appear anywhere in that dismal draft? No. This was to be a tyranny-by-clerk, modeled on the unelected and now mercifully collapsing European Union, which – by a process of annual agreements and treaties whose content was kept so secret that in Britain the major treaties were actually classified until they had been inflicted on us and we could not escape – acquired supreme legislative and administrative power by little and little, while few noticed what was going on.]]

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