Clueless federal appellate court rejects challenge to EPA climate rules as premature

Although no one knows exactly what the final form of the EPA rules will be, one thing is certain and that is EPA’s stated legal basis for the rules.

Even if that basis was to magically change in the final rule, it is EPA’s current rationale for the proposal. As such it should be fair game for challenge now.

After all, if EPA doesn’t have the legal authority to issue a proposal, then no proposal can be issued. That should be a justiciable issue now.

Click for the decision.

One thought on “Clueless federal appellate court rejects challenge to EPA climate rules as premature”

  1. Unfortunately the court system in the United States today is remarkably like that in the old USSR.

    Is there a reason for this coincidence?

    The US National Academy of Sciences betrayed the American public and hid, manipulated or ignored these data [1-3] after Stalin won WWII and united nations (UN) and national academies of science (NAS) into a giant Orwellian Ministry of Consensus Scientific Truths:

    1. AGW is false: The Sun controls Earth’s climate

    2. SSM is a lie: Stars make and discard hydrogen

    3. BBC is false: The universe has no known limits

    4. SNM is a lie: Each neutron repels other neutrons

    Mainstream scientific literature became scientific rubbish after nations and formerly independent national academies of science were united into an Orwellian Ministry of Consensus Scientific Truths on 24 Oct 1945.


    1. “Solar Energy,” Adv. Astron. (submitted 1 Sept 2104; published privately 17 Mar 2015)

    2. “Supplement for Teachers” (published 30 Mar 2015)

    3. “Intro: Science for Teachers” (published 23 May 2015)

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