Mann had no problem with industry funding when it was his PhD advisor

Here’s the Climategate e-mail:

EPPRI is probably actually EPRI — the Electric Power Research Institute, a utility industry science research outfit.

cc: Heinz Wanner ,, Christoph Kull ,
date: Thu, 20 Oct 2005 13:23:57 -0400
from: “Michael E. Mann”
subject: Re: PAGES/CLIVAR workshop – past millennia variability
to: Thorsten Kiefer

HI Thorsten,

Thanks for the update and summary. Having the endorsement of EPPRI for
this could actually be helpful. There is nothing intrinsically
anti-industry about the science (though some may feel there is), and so
having EPPRI’s stamp of approval could be helpful for both us and the
broader community.
My Ph.D advisor (Barry Saltzman) got significant support from EPPRI
through the years, and he never fealt that they in any way tried to
place any constraints on what he did, published, etc…
I personally don’t see a problem with this. But I’m interested in how
others feel…


4 thoughts on “Mann had no problem with industry funding when it was his PhD advisor”

  1. I except that some executives in industry may ‘support’ clkimate ‘research’ and invest in ‘alternative energy’ and ‘sustainability’ for reasons similar to those behind their donations to race-baiters and their organizations.
    It is a ‘soft’ form of extortion, like the old gangster protection rackets, in which the *implicit* agreement is “you support us and we won’t harass you in the media”.
    Somehow, though, the Green Gang has misunderstood the paradigm and gleefully harangues and vilifies their own donors once the checks clear.

  2. Leftist love when industry lies down and says “Walk all over me and, here, have my wallet too.”

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