USNews relies on Democrat ‘report’ to claim GOP to next shut down government over climate

Kenneth Walsh reports at

Fighting regulations designed to limit climate change could be the next big cause among hard-line Republicans, according to a new study.

Widespread conservative outrage will likely be triggered by an assortment of regulations being prepared by President Obama’s administration, through the Environmental Protection Agency, to impose greenhouse gas controls for power plants, the study said. Some members of Congress and business interests argue that these regulations would badly hurt the coal industry and cost thousands of jobs.

The study by Democracy Corps, a Democrat-leaning research organization, found that, “Climate change is poised to replace health care reform among Republicans [as a central issue], with the very same dynamics already in evidence. But that also could further isolate and divide Republicans, too.”

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4 thoughts on “USNews relies on Democrat ‘report’ to claim GOP to next shut down government over climate”

  1. Americans need to elect Congressmen and Senators that will provide a veto proof means to rewrite the EPA law taking control away from the Executive branch and its regulators. Then, when a change is deemed necesary it will have to be debated and not just implemented at the whim of the Executive branch.

  2. The problem with “regulations designed to limit climate change ” is that the *unintended* consequences of regulations are almost always negative an of a greater magnitude than the intended consequences. People who write regulations have finite information, have limited foresight, and are reluctant to solicit outside opinions that might enlighten than about problems with their pet regulations.
    The true opponents of the Obama Administration are not ‘hardline Republicans’, who only exist in fantasy, but people opposed to bigger government and the loss of individual liberties – aka the ‘Tea Party’. This also makes them the opponents of almost all career politicians of whatever party.

  3. Shutdown or no shutdown, the outrage and unmasked hostility must be the only response by people’s representatives to any attempts to perpetuate the climate scam.

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