Over the Top & in No Man’s Land: Michael Mann says ‘end-of-climate-by-2047’ study may be ‘overly rosy’

The Daily Mail reports:

The Earth is racing towards an apocalyptic future in which major cities such as New York and London could become uninhabitable because of irreversible man-made climate change within 45-years according to a sobering new study published this week…

Pennsylvania State University climate scientist Michael Mann said the research ‘may actually be presenting an overly rosy scenario when it comes to how close we are to passing the threshold for dangerous climate impacts.’

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6 thoughts on “Over the Top & in No Man’s Land: Michael Mann says ‘end-of-climate-by-2047’ study may be ‘overly rosy’”

  1. Wasn’t it an asteroid impact? For that research the government spends millions, for global warming billions. I still think it’s because they can’t tax celestial objects…yet.

  2. What does it matter? We already know that we’re all dead in 2030 anyway. Can’t these doomsday zealots get their dates straight?

  3. Nobody’s doing climate research, They’re all trying to prove a single theory. Not the same thing in the least.

  4. I see your 2047 and raise your skeer. We’re playing climate poker. Must be a global climate meeting coming up or the need for more grant funding because we are ramping up the climate terror. If I were doing real climate research I’d really be embarrassed by these clowns.

  5. Irreversibility and a threshold. None of which is a scientific fact. Angelo State, your guest science expert isn’t.

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