Marylanders can’t keep their doctor: ‘No Doctors Are Found’ says state Obamacare exchange

From the Weekly Standard:

“If you’ve got a doctor that you like, you will be able to keep your doctor,” President Obama assured the public as he worked to sell Obamacare in 2010. However, in July 2013, visitors to received a less confident “you may be able to” in answer to the question, “Can I keep my own doctor?” Beginning October 1, users of the Maryland Health Connection, that state’s Obamacare insurance exchange, might have an even more basic question: Are there any doctors?

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10 thoughts on “Marylanders can’t keep their doctor: ‘No Doctors Are Found’ says state Obamacare exchange”

  1. The fact is the government can’t hire the best web developers because they’re bound by law to have open contract bidding (where notice of bidding periods is sent out to the friends and family of ALL the congressmen for fairness). Then they have to give preferential treatment to female/minority owned companies, disabled vets, and of course, friends and family of congressmen. Then they take the lowest bidder.

  2. It was contracted out. Infosys is the integrator, but good luck finding who the other contractors are.

  3. You would have to be a fool not to expect this from the government and their continual sub standard work effort/ethics. I mean they can’t be fired, only paid more to fix what they never got to work right.

  4. The stupid thing is this. As a private individual – if I wanted to set up a massive web / data collecting scheme I would contract through the two companies that have the cabability to do this – Google or Amazon. They already subcontract out their massive database and server capabilities to large third parties. I believe Netflix does all their streaming through Amazon’s network, even though Amazon is a direct competitor.

    Instead they made their own network from scratch, because of course the government can do everything better and cheaper because there is no profit motive. Amazon gets that 1/2% there. It is just stupid statist thinking. If they used either of those companies, they could have had the working page up in a few months as well rather than taking years.

  5. I worked through the Federal government’s incompetence after they set up the CO2 reporting software. It was so broken, so poorly written, and so delayed that I have to conclude it was written by interns with no legal knowledge and minimal technical or English skills (most likely outsourced to India, though I have no proof of that). Fields that should have been calculated were entered, the entire system was a mess, and let’s not get started on the ludicrous “security” measures.

    In short, I have no confidence whether the lack of Doctors in Maryland is real or the result of a data entry drone in Mumbai spelling it “Marilyn”.

  6. California has been flaunting the Federal marijuana laws for a long time. In the last few days Jerry Brown has authorized drivers licences for Mexican border jumpers.
    In this same vein, I envision a State or two opting out of Obama Care altogether, and becoming a medical Mecca, where sick New Yorkers and Bostonians go to get treated.

  7. “I have squandered my resistance
    For a pocket full of mumbles such are promises
    All lies and jests
    Still a man hears what he wants to hear
    And disregards the rest” – Simon & Garfunkel

    Obama was just reading the teleprompter.

    Our Joe Wilson yelled, “You lie.” The legacy press was more interested in how uncouth Wilson was than the fact that Wilson was right.

    Obama did not know what was in the bill then, and doesn’t know today. He was just a salesman. That what he said wasn’t true is a revelation only to the willfully ignorant.

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