Holier Than Thou: Alleged reverend claims ‘God is leading the way’ for warmists

Jim Ball writes at Huffington Post:

A better and safer world, free from the scourge of unprecedented climate change, is indeed possible, and God is leading the way and giving us the spiritual power necessary to prevail.

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9 thoughts on “Holier Than Thou: Alleged reverend claims ‘God is leading the way’ for warmists”

  1. I’m a born again Christian and apparently Jim Ball has forgotten some very basic Christian theology. Man sinned and when he did death (entropy) entered the Universe. God is not going to reverse this. When Jesus returns he will create a new Heaven and a new Earth.

    So where he gets the idea that trying to prevent a non-existent problem aligns itself with the Kingdom of God I have no idea.

  2. My God is a man-made global warming skeptic. AGW by its very premise elevates man to godlike status as the destroyer of planets. I don’t think God is too keen on that.

  3. I had a relative (now deceased) who was a delusional schizophrenic, prone to hearing voices inside his own head. At least he did not try to claim that they were voices of any deity. I automatically suspect that anybody who claims to receive direct personal guidance from any non-corporeal entity may also be a delusional schizophrenic.

  4. He is a bold-faced liar. God told me he was in charge of the weather, since the beginning, and always will be! LOL God is laughing at the idea that the warmists think they have any control!!! 😉

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