Warmism’s last day in Australia? Likely new PM dismissed global warming as ‘absolute crap’

Even the American Left is smoldering over the probable election of Tony Abbott.

The Los Angeles Times reports:

The conservative politician widely expected to emerge as Australia’s prime minister after Saturday’s parliamentary elections has mused publicly that it may not be “a bad thing” that men have more power than women.

Liberal Party leader Tony Abbott has also scandalized political circles by praising a fellow candidate for her “sex appeal,” denounced abortion as “a question of the mother’s convenience” and dismissed the notion of climate change as “absolute crap.”

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One thought on “Warmism’s last day in Australia? Likely new PM dismissed global warming as ‘absolute crap’”

  1. Just the nastiness and mean spirited insults in that article make me like Abbott even more. I remember similar ridicule of Ronald Reagan in the 1970’s and their venomous hatred of him once he got elected. Yet he did more to spread freedom and liberty around the world in his 8 years in office than all of his predecessors. His part in the collapse of the Soviet Union and the Eastern Europe Communist Dictatorships rivals the defeat of Nazi Germany in the quest for human freedom and liberty. Abbott with his rejection of the dogma of the Church of Anthropogenic Global Warming may be at the head of a wave of common sense and rejecting the lunacy of the zero growth fanatics of the left.

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