One thought on “Video: 50 to 1 Project debunks warmist economics with warmist facts”

  1. I love hoisting the watermelons with their own petards. Our friends in the video did not mention, but could, that the watermelon agenda is most harmful to those who live in squalor now. The next group in the damage list is the poor of industrial countries; making energy and all other things more expensive hurts them first and worst.
    Tangential but when did that ever stop me: The $15 minimum wage is supposed to help the working poor. We know what happens economically: the working poor become the welfare poor.
    If we want to improve the living standards of the poor, we do better to focus on reducing the costs of essentials: food, clothing, transportation, housing. We do that by reducing the costs of production: less regulation, lower energy costs, more efficient production and distribution.
    What part of the watermelon agenda addresses these points?

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