Unhinged: UN chief says global warming ‘threatens all our development gains’

AfriqueJet.com reports:

Human dignity, development – UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Tuesday urged heads of State and Government, gathered in New York to ‘hear the call of history’ and, through hard work, commitment and integrity, answer the just demands of their people for human dignity and sustainable development…

Turning to climate change, he said the impacts of the phenomenon ‘threaten all our development gains’, noting that, ‘indeed, the rising human and economic toll affects everyone, with the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people harmed first and worst’.

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4 thoughts on “Unhinged: UN chief says global warming ‘threatens all our development gains’”

  1. I agree MT – the only difference I would make is that IMHO Ban ki (Banker) is just a foolish watermelon who is obviously only listening to those around him whereas many of the cunning fools (Gore and his lot) are deliberately spreading propaganda for their own selfish ends.

  2. The short answer is yes. The problem is, these idiots have convinced themselves that they’ll be living in the castles rather than eking out a living as serfs. If you believed overpopulation is a looming disaster, then you wouldn’t see modern life expectancy, low infant mortality rates, or the elimination of terrible diseases as good things.

  3. Ban Ki Moon demonstrates clearly that Korea, a nation I admire greatly, can produce a watermelon fool as readily as America can, and the UN can find that fool.
    I admire Germany, the UK and Canada, but they’ve got their own twits just like we do.
    Fortunately, the UN Secretary General is only a noisemaker. Unfortunately, some people actually believe that selection as UN Secretary General indicates ability and achievement.
    Like the Nobel Peace Prize, the Secretary General’s title has come to mark the bearer as a fool, a knave, or both. Obama could well be the first American Secretary General on those terms.

  4. Seems to me that improvements in life expectancy, life style, technology and the like have exploded during this 150+ year period of unprecedented and intolerable global warming. Would he like to return to those thrilling days of 1348?

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