The Australian: ‘Climate sceptics sense a modicum of vindication’

From one of many letters to The Australian:

MY mild-mannered climate sceptic friends would never say “I told you so”, now that the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has told us nothing dangerous or unprecedented is happening to the climate, and that the effect of carbon dioxide has been exaggerated, so I will do it for them (“We got it wrong on warming, says IPCC”, 16/9). The sceptics have been right all along and apologies are due.

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One thought on “The Australian: ‘Climate sceptics sense a modicum of vindication’”

  1. It’s funny how the IPCC/warmist stuff recently looks almost exactly like early skeptical commentary: “We don’t know the mechanisms, we have doubts about the data” and so on.
    Pretty soon the IPCC will be using back reports from Heartland as the next ARX report.

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