Supremes consider reviewing EPA greenhouse gas authority

Greenwire reports:

In what could become a marquee environmental case of the Supreme Court’s next term, the justices on Monday are expected to consider reviewing a lower court ruling that upheld U.S. EPA’s regulations to reduce heat-trapping gases.

Nine petitions are asking the court to reverse aspects of an appellate court’s June 2012 ruling that backed EPA’s first rules following the Supreme Court’s landmark Massachusetts v. EPA decision, which instructed the agency to regulate greenhouse gases as harmful pollutants under the Clean Air Act.

Some prominent environmental lawyers believe the court will grant certiorari to — or agree to review — some part of the petitions. The decision could come as early as Tuesday, less than two weeks after the Obama administration proposed regulations to cut greenhouse gas emissions at new power plants.

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4 thoughts on “Supremes consider reviewing EPA greenhouse gas authority”

  1. Hope they make a decision before Obama’s next Congressial address. It could be another Citizens United for Obama. Surely they know that they can’t overrule the perceived King.

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