Reuters: Global economic realities to trump IPCC report’s global warming fantasies

Reuters reports:

The strongest scientific warning to date that global warming is man-made may have a muted impact when it is released later this month with many governments more focused on nursing weak economies than on fixing the planet…

The IPCC will face extra scrutiny after errors were found in the 2007 report, led by an exaggeration of the melt of Himalayan glaciers. A review by outside experts found that the main conclusions were unaffected.

Richard Klein, a senior research fellow at the Stockholm Environment Institute, said the economic crisis would overshadow the report but remained hopeful that economic recovery could improve the prospects for a global deal in 2015.

Even so, austerity makes it hard for developed nations to keep a promise of increasing aid to developing countries to a promised $100 billion a year by 2020, from $10 billion in 2012.

“An age of austerity has slowed down the international sources of climate finance which are part of a grand bargain,” said Rachel Kyte, vice president of the World Bank for sustainable development.

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2 thoughts on “Reuters: Global economic realities to trump IPCC report’s global warming fantasies”

  1. What a load of hogwash from Reuters! Every environmentalist knows that increasing the price of energy, decreasing the supply of energy and reducing lifestyles will lead to full employment and a fine lifestyle for everyone. You think a trifling thing like a very weak global economy will actually deter them?

  2. The world’s developing economies — some of which actually are deveoping, that’s less of a euphemism than it used to be — are now the major sources of the meaningless carbon emissions that give IPCC fans such vapors (water vapors are the biggest greenhouse component anyway). The developing economies’ leaders and members are going to grow. Their only use for the IPCC is to fish for rents from nations foolish enough to throttle our own CO2 and to give them money to pretend to do so.

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