Pollution melted Alps’ glaciers, not global warming

The AP reports:

Scientists think they know why some European glaciers started to shrink decades before climate change had begun to raise temperatures.

It wasn’t warming that attacked the glaciers, they say in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. It was soot from industry, steam locomotives and domestic fires.

Glaciologists have for years been puzzled by the sudden start in the middle of the 19th century of the retreat of the Alpine glaciers, which number around 4,000.

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4 thoughts on “Pollution melted Alps’ glaciers, not global warming”

  1. The claim is still that they know what happened over a hundred years ago despite having no clear records or scientific evidence. PHDs feel a desperate need for publishing. If they can’t find anything interesting to write about they start making interesting sounding guesses. Look for phrases like “Records suggest”, “appear to have been”, “may also “. The whole article is littered with soft language, references no actual experiments or studies, and arrives at the same party line conclusion that it’s all man’s fault.

    What bothers me is how none of these studies stops to think about the consequences of the glaciers continuing to grow. The fact that their apparent goal is essentially stasis of a dynamic geological/metrological system illustrates pretty clearly that they have no clue how climate works.

  2. I thought he told us the medieval warm period didn’t happen – and you might want to read the article. The claim is it was still cold for another 60 years but the ice started melting early. Article seems quite reasonable.

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