Ocean-ate-my-warming notion supported by warmists — but not necessarily the data

Deutsche Welle reports:

The output of heat-trapping gases like carbon dioxide (CO2) continues to surge, forcing up global temperatures. Sea levels are also rising, said Mojib Latif of the Geomar Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research in Kiel. “This reprieve only refers to the ocean’s surface temperature. We can’t conclude that climate change has come to a halt.”

Mojib Latif predicted a temporary hiatus in global warming
Latif is a calm, self-controlled man, but he is easily angered by having to explain again and again why climate change isn’t just a scam. Back in 2008, Latif shocked many of his colleagues by saying the rise of temperature could indeed stagnate. Oceans covering two thirds of the earth’s surface are able to absorb heat and store it – especially in deep sea levels below 800 meters (875 yards).

This theory is supported by many other scientists, but there is limited data available about the deepest regions of the sea. That’s why Latif continues to stress how important research is in order to learn more about deep sea areas. “We know about the surface of the moon, but we know very little about the deep sea,” he told DW.

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5 thoughts on “Ocean-ate-my-warming notion supported by warmists — but not necessarily the data”

  1. We may not have data for the deep oceans but we have quite a bit for the upper oceans (0-700 meters). It is the ARGO float data. There cannot be deep ocean heating until it passes through the upper ocean and the actual data do not support it. Willis Eschenbach (sp?) over at WUWT.com has a couple of very good articles on the ARGO data analysis.

  2. I am reminded every morning while waiting for my tea water to boil of the thermo-inertia of water. How much heat would be required to raise an ocean’s temperature by 1 degree compared to raising atmospheric temperature by 1 degree? Lots – making added heat in an ocean undetectable.

  3. If the “missing” heat is in the oceans, it will be released slowly. Amid the changing climate forcings, it is likely to be a tiny element. That’s if it’s in the oceans at all.

  4. Unless you believe in scotty and the enterprise beaming the heat to the deepest part of the ocean, the laws of thermodynamics say that we would have seen the heat transfer through the depths with the argo probes. Which we didn’t see so the hiding heat is proven bunkem.

  5. So he was having trouble getting funding to go study his favorite subject so he publicly tied global warming to it. Now there’s still no data but he’s suddenly an expert on what’s going on somewhere he just said we know almost nothing about.

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