‘Nature’ Spin Elevates Third-Tier IPCC Official to Chair

Donna Laframboise writes at Men’s News Daily:

A curious article has appeared in Nature, the German-owned, British-based science journal. Days before the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) releases installment #1 of its massive new climate report, this prestigious journal has published a 2,300-word profile of an IPCC official.

Please note that Ottmar Edenhofer isn’t a climate scientist. He is, instead, the chief economist at Germany’s Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research. (Hardly a neutral organization, the head of that institute thinks that using fossil fuels amounts to “a lifestyle of mass destruction.”)

The non-paywalled article is titled IPCC: The climate chairman. But Edenhofer isn’t the IPCC’s chairman. He’s merely a co-chair of Working Group 3.

A glance at the IPCC’s org chart (click the ‘Current Bureau’ button on this page) shows Rajendra Pachauri at the top of the pyramid. Next come the IPCC’s three vice-chairs. The third layer on the org chart is comprised of nine individuals, each of whom is a working group co-chair. That is where we find Edenhofer.

Why has Nature chosen to run a headline that suggests Edenhofer is in charge of the whole enchilada? Let’s read that headline again: IPCC: The Climate Chairman.

It doesn’t say Edenhofer is a chairman. Rather, three words after mentioning the IPCC, it says he’s the chairman. If the profile were of Rajendra Pachauri, this headline would make perfect sense. But it’s not. So what’s going on here?

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