Aussie climate skeptic MP wants to be science minister

The Katherine Times reports:

Coalition MP Dennis Jensen, who is a vocal climate science sceptic, has called on Prime Minister-elect Tony Abbott to appoint him as science minister.

“At the moment to be honest I’m feeling under-utilised,” said Dr Jensen, the member for Tangney in Western Australia, who has a master’s degree in physics and a PhD in material science.

“I think that I’ve got a lot to offer,” he added. “I’ve got some unique attributes.”

Mr Abbott was expected to give the science portfolio to Victorian MP Sophie Mirabella, but she may lose her seat of Indi to the popular independent Cathy McGowan.

Dr Jensen suggests he would be better qualified than anyone to take charge of science.

“I’m not aware of any other scientist [in the Parliament],” he said.

Dr Jensen has made headlines by questioning the scientific consensus that humans are contributing to global warming.

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3 thoughts on “Aussie climate skeptic MP wants to be science minister”

  1. His problem is that he is from Western Australia – forever three hours behind the east coast where the power lies and perennially forgotten in Australian politics. I remember an election being called (and even being conceded by the losing PM), before the polls had closed in Perth.

    If he doesn’t get into the cabinet, it won’t be because of his skeptic views.

  2. DR Jensen is an exceptional candidate for the position and his inclusion would send a strong message to the ragtag remnants of the routed warmista in Australia to GO HOME, you’re not welcome here … we’re under new management and open for business!

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