Aussie climate commissioner cashiered reports:

PROFESSOR Tim Flannery has been sacked by the Abbott Government from his $180,000-a-year part-time Chief Climate Commissioner position, with the agency he runs to be dismantled immediately.

Environment Minister Greg Hunt called Prof Flannery this morning to tell him a letter formally ending his employment was in the mail.

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3 thoughts on “Aussie climate commissioner cashiered”

  1. Yeah. Mr Flannery (Professor?) said that Australian dams would be empty before long so we spent billions of dollars on desalination plants. Meanwhile the huge Thomson dam in Victoria which I thought would never fill, is now full. Hell, maybe he meant to say “there will be floods”. That’s OK. Australia does need water. Hope you are right next time Mr Flannery – if there is a next time. In the meantime, it is damn cold here in Victoria and still snowing in September. Let’s hope it warms up soon or I might have to shift to San Diego.

  2. Instead of abolishing the post, even better would have been the job’s preservation, but with the appointment of the most notably skeptical climate scientist in Australia, someone notable for his (or her) reasoned opposition to the catastrophism of the AGW cabal.

    The guy would probably take the job gratis, not only saving the taxpayers of Australia $180,000 per year in direct costs but also systematically dismantling all the rest of this preposterous boondoggle – grants and contracts and subsidies and all the rest – in the bargain.

    It’s not enough merely to shut down the central pest house. You’ve got to stamp out the whole infestation.

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