Warmist Kevin Trenberth abandons temperature as measure of global warming

Bloomberg reports:

Some skeptics of man’s contribution to global warming have pointed to lapses in the rise of average temperatures as proof that the phenomenon isn’t taking place. Previous studies focused on changes in air temperature, according to Trenberth, who was the lead author of the 2001 and 2007 UN assessments.

“There are other signs of warming that are abundantly clear,” Trenberth said in an interview. “Those are some of the messages that I think might end up coming out of this report. It’s really strong in areas other than just the global mean temperature or even regional temperatures around the world.”

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10 thoughts on “Warmist Kevin Trenberth abandons temperature as measure of global warming”

  1. Once again … it’s just “guessing science”. Actually, it’s not science at all. It’s not even pseudo science. It’s not even “voodoo science”. It’s just fraud.

  2. They have to come up with something to keep all those government dollars coming in to pay for their “research” and “science”.
    But since the temperatures have dropped and the sea levels have fallen, they are getting pretty desperate in their justifications for believing in AGW.

  3. Howdy Bob
    For that matter, global sea level is far less rigorous than people may think. Sea level measurement is affected by equipment, by terrain changes like the subsidence of small islands or of shore terrain, water temperatures and some other stuff. Global sea level and global average temperatures are more concepts than measurements.

  4. As soon as atmospheric warming ceases, “…areas other than just the global mean temperature or even regional temperatures around the world,” get tagged with blame. And when those falter???

  5. “Temperatures already have climbed about 0.8 degree Celsius and seas have risen about 17 centimeters (7 inches) since the industrial revolution, according to the UN. When temperature gains reach 1 degree, the world will be committed to sea levels about 2.3 meters higher over two millennia, according to the study in the journal of the Washington-based National Academy of Sciences. ”
    For settled science that cannot be questioned they sure seem to be all over the map on temperature and sea level rise. According to this, the expected sea level rise is 1.15 mm/year. Other estimates are 2-3 mm/year with 1 meter sea level rise by 2100, maybe 2 meters. Now it’s in 2 millenia!
    Global average temperature is a terrible metric because it is prone to all sorts of errors. Now we are going to measure warming without a temperature metric? So, they are going to pick a worse one? I’m really convinced now.

  6. If warming is not characterized by, well, warming, then what is it?
    Other conditions change with or without connections to warming temperatures. That’s the whole coupled non-linear multi-variant thing that approaches chaos.

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