Vets claim Agent Orange-related cancer from post-Vietnam war exposures in ‘contaminated’ airplanes

Agent Orange doesn’t cause cancer. This is ridiculous.

The Washington Post reports:

Nearly three dozen rugged C-123 transport planes formed the backbone of the U.S. military’s campaign to spray Agent Orange over jungles hiding enemy soldiers during the Vietnam War. And many of the troops who served in the conflict have been compensated for diseases associated with their exposure to the toxic defoliant.

But after the war, some of the planes were used on cargo missions in the United States. Now a bitter fight has sprung up over whether those in the military who worked, ate and slept in the planes after the war should also be compensated. Two U.S. senators are now questioning the Department of Veterans Affairs’ assertions that any postwar contamination on the planes was not high enough to be linked to disease.

4 thoughts on “Vets claim Agent Orange-related cancer from post-Vietnam war exposures in ‘contaminated’ airplanes”

  1. The components of Agent Orange (2,4,5-T and 2,4-D) were commonly used herbicides. 2,4-D is still commercially available. Although the vets were more heavily exposed, where are all the reports of problems from civilians who used these chemicals?

  2. It’s not about the science, it’s not about reality, it never has been with the left, it’s all about the narrative. If the facts don’t agree with the narrative, ignore the facts, indeed treat them as if they agree with the narrative.
    DDT, ozone hole, Agent Orange, AGW, the sky is falling, economic mismanagement, racism, islam, it’s all about the narrative.

  3. Agent Orange was investigated inside out and there was no illness that resulted from it’s use or exposure to it. It was all heresay as in “I had a friend who got cancer 20 years later must have been the agent orange in Viet nam”. But the studies found no increase in any diseases for Vietnam vets either those who were directly exposed or simply from being in Vietnam. It is all about the money/free health care. Years after the scientific studies and negative results congress voted to simply give any vietnam vet the benefit of the doubt so na matter what disease they come down with the VA covers it. This was a political decision not a scientific one. But one result of that decision is that today most people believe agent orange causes cancer or whatever disease you want to blame on it. But it doesn’t. The use in Vietnam was the “perfect” opportunity to prove dioxin (or agent orange) was toxic and the irrefutable result was that it is not.

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