Salon: What if hurricanes were named after deniers? What if 2013 was the slowest hurricane season?

Salon reports:

The environmental group launched a new campaign focusing on the link between global warming and extreme weather. Ostensibly, they’re petitioning the World Meteorological Organization to name hurricanes after prominent climate change deniers.

Read the Salon article.

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9 thoughts on “Salon: What if hurricanes were named after deniers? What if 2013 was the slowest hurricane season?”

  1. What if we named after honest politicians ? We might have to cancel hurricane season altogether.

  2. Given that there are so many of us actually looking at the science, maybe they should give up on hurricanes completely and continue naming thunderstorms.

    I like the naming convention. It will make it impossible to deny that the AGW theory, even if it has a few elements of truth, is hopelessly compromised by politics.

  3. His first name is “Anthony”, so that would move him toward the head of the line. Lord Monckton’s first name is Christopher, so he’s pretty close as well. Morano’s name is Mark, so it would take quite a season to get to him.
    If we’re going to stick with Cat 1 or bigger storms, we don’t even get to “Anthony” yet for this year. But that’s saying very little; Hurricane Andrew, a Cat 5, was the first named hurricane of 1992 and we’re right on its anniversary.

  4. ‘Hurricanes’ that fail to fully develop or de-power before landfall could be named after well known failures in CAGW predictions … Hurricane Mann, or maybe Hurricane Lewandowski for one that blew much about nothing. Hurricane Gleick, the one that impersonated a hurricane but was real a fake windbag ?

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